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FitLife Med Spa was designed to provide the ultimate health and beauty experience to our clients under the supervision of Robert Lundell DO. Managed by Suzie Kensington and Dr. Robert Lundell, both have experienced first hand the transformation that healthy living and eating, hormone balancing and aesthetic treatments have made in their lives. "I recently lost 52 pounds on our rapid weight loss program in a short period of time" says Suzie Kensington. "This in addition to refining my body through body sculpting and balancing my hormones have made me look and feel great!" I want this for each of my clients that visit FitLife Med Spa. We have spared no expense in providing the latest technologies to help you accomplish the look you deserve. When science meets beauty it is a wonderful thing!

Suzie (Kensington) Hessman

Suzie (Kensington) Hessman has a passion for health and beauty. She is a mother of 3 grown daughters. Suzie found herself in a rut, not taking care of herself like she should and put on 10 lbs a year over the last 7 years. She was frustrated with diets and exercise plans so her brother, Dr. Robert Lundell, put her on the hCG diet. The first round she lost 29 lbs in 40 days. The second round she lost 26 lbs in 40 days.

She is so excited about her weight loss that she wants to help others find this same success! She was so thrilled with her results that she decided to marry her boyfriend of 9 years which she did on March 24, 2018. Suzie is passionate about helping you feel and look fantastic! She is ensuring that FitLife has the latest and greatest proven technologies to help you get the compliments you will be receiving.

Dr. Robert Lundell


Dr. Robert Lundell is Board Certified in Family Medicine and is the Chair of the Family Medicine Department for Sun Life Health Center. His love of healing patients and his passion for health and
fitness brought him combine the two and start FitLife Med Spa with his sister, Suzie Hessman. He has spent years treating his family practice patients with hormones and directing them to better health through weight loss, nutrition and healthy living. He brings his expertise and passion to another level through bioidentical hormones (bioTE) and medically directed weight loss protocols. Rob has been married to his wife, Alecia for 20 years. Together they have 3 beautiful daughters.

Kristine Reynolds


As a nurse injector, Kristine uses her passion for both aesthetics and patient education to achieve individual goals. She has a strong belief that treatment should produce natural-looking results and is dedicated to offering treatment plans to enhance each person’s features turning back the clock to achieve a renewed refreshed look with her advanced training in both Botox and fillers.

Lori Hetland

Medical Aesthetician | C.L.T, L.S.O

I have been a Medical Aesthetician/Laser Tech and Laser Safety Officer here in the Valley for over 12 years, including having owned my own small, laser spa in the East Valley.
In addition, I am one of a handful of Aestheticians that is also a Certified Oncology Aesthetician. That means I have a deeper understanding of ingredients, their origin, efficacy, safety, and their purpose.

My favorite part of the industry is all things laser. To date, I am knowledgeable with hands-on experience in over 14 different laser platforms, including Radio Frequency modalities and numerous Ultrasound technologies. I recently completed my sterile processing certification, and I am also currently studying Cryotherapy treatments, protocols, and their biological effects on various parts of the body, especially in regards to the anti-aging effects it has on our skin.

When I am not working, I enjoy animals, music, running and my family. I believe all of our patients deserve their questions answered thoroughly, and honestly, and I want them to leave our office confidant they have the best treatment plan designed for their needs!

Elvira Quijas

Nurse Practitioner

Elvira Quijas graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2000 with Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She has worked as a Critical Care and Emergency Room Nurse as well as in the management aspect. She returned to school in 2016 and received her Master's Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She enjoys the cosmetic side of medicine and decided to get certified in injecting neurotoxins and fillers. She has also been trained in vaginal rejuvenation. Her passion is to help clients with all aspects of health inside and out to feel and look their best.

Our Values

  • Patients First: The safety, comfort and confidentiality of our patients always comes first.  This includes appropriate communication and education as well as high levels of patient satisfaction.

  • Professionalism: We strive to always conduct ourselves in a professional manner.  We take full responsibility for our actions and operate to the highest standards of our chosen professions.  This includes continuing training and education.

  • Integrity: We will aspire to treat our patients with honesty and truthfulness as well as accuracy in terms of procedures we perform and prices we charge.

  • Excellence: We seek to be the best at what we do.  Whether having a medical procedure or just a facial, we assure that the provider’s goal is to give the best results possible.

  • Have Fun: We enjoy what we do!   We make our patients feel and look better and have fun while doing it.

Our Mission

“Look Great, Feel Great!”
Our mission at FitLife Med Spa is to provide the highest quality medical aesthetic services in a comfortable, relaxing environment. We accomplish this by enhancing each client’s natural beauty with the most advanced cosmetic and medical procedures. We use the most advanced treatment options to maximize results, while assuring that our client’s safety, comfort, and confidentiality remain our priority. We are absolutely obsessed with customer experience and spend most of our waking hours trying to figure out how to raise the bar of your experience at FitLife.

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