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All you need to know about Photorejuvenation

Most people think that clear skin is just a cosmetic issue, but it’s much more than that reality. Clear skin is an integral part of your overall health.

Here are just a few reasons why:

2. Clear skin is healthier. Unhealthy skin is more prone to infection and other problems. Clear skin is less likely to suffer from these issues.

1. Clear skin can boost your self-confidence. When you feel good about yourself, it shows in everything you do. Clear skin can give you the confidence to take on the world.

●No Downtime Photo rejuvenation is also known as lunch-time treatment. It only takes thirty minutes to improve the clarity of your skin and enhance its texture. However, once the procedure is complete, you can have minor redness or swell in the treated area. The swelling and redness usually go down in a few hours. Photorejuvenation treatment can also help improve the health of your skin. Photorejuvenation treatment can help your skin cells regenerate and repair themselves more quickly by stimulating collagen production and increasing blood flow to the skin. In other words, photo rejuvenation can help you achieve clear skin and healthier skin. And that’s something that everyone can feel confident about. If you’re considering photo rejuvenation, talk to your dermatologist or med spa about what to expect. They can help you create a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs and goals. So why wait? Feel confident in your skin today with photo rejuvenation treatment.

3. Clear skin looks younger. One of the main signs of aging is a poor complexion. Clear skin will help you look younger for longer.

4. Clear skin is easier to take care of. It takes less time and effort to take care of clear skin than to take care of acne or other skin problems.

So, as you can see, clear skin is significant not just for your appearance, but for your overall health. Photo rejuvenation can restore your skin, making it clear again. Photo rejuvenation uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to target discoloration on the skin. For example, the damage from the sun over the years. Photorejuvenation helps the skin become more cohesive. So IPL performs color-correction and improves pores. Photorejuvenation means the treatment of skin pigmentation and sun damage. But, of course, you also have the improvement of pores along with that.

After the treatment, you’ll notice the dark spots on your face become darker. Then over the next couple of days, those spots will break apart into tiny little dots and come off over about a week to two weeks. It’s melanin that’s being pulled to the surface, so it’s not scabbing per se. Once the redness and inflammation are down from the treatment, you can put makeup over and cover it up because it’s not raised scabbing. Of course, please don’t apply makeup to any areas that are still red and inflamed.

Below are some tips to ensure the best possible outcome with photorejuvenation treatment. During treatments:

●Stay free of sun exposure while you have those spots coming up.

●Wear SPF 30 or above

●Keep the area nourished. Use moisturizer and a gentle cleanser.

Before treatments:

●Refrain from tanning your skin, including tanning lotions and tanning beds. Unfortunately, IPL doesn’t know the difference between a dark spot from sun damage and tan skin.

●If you’re using retinol, retinoids, or retinae, discontinue five days in advance because they make your skin sensitive.

Essentially IPL or photorejuvenation can be done anywhere on the body. Some of the most common areas are the face and neck. Treating both of these areas is ideal, so there is improvement together all at once, lovely and cohesive. Other popular areas of IPL are the hands, chest, and arms. Photorejuvenation is often four treatments spaced four to six weeks apart, allowing enough time for skin to heal before the subsequent treatment. The treatments work in a layering fashion. So that very first one pulls up everything just sitting on the skin’s surface. Then, for every layer taken off, the next goes deeper. The fourth treatment is also an assessment point to decide if more sessions are needed, depending on how severe the sun damage or dark spots are.

Benefits of Photorejuvenation

One of the main benefits of photorejuvenation is that it can help improve the appearance of Rosacea. Rosacea is a condition that causes inflammation and redness on the face. Photorejuvenation can help reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation associated with Rosacea. The other key benefits of Photorejuvenation include:

●Reducing the appearance of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles

●Diminishing age spots and other signs of sun damage

●Softening scars

●Improving skin texture and tone

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